Mar 06, 2018 11:25AM

Niagara Peninsula Energy’s Connect and Win E-Billing Contest has concluded!  We would like to thank everyone who entered our contest by signing up to receive their bills electronically. Thanks to you, NPEI is using less paper each month and taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.  Congratulations to all of our winners who won a $100 credit on their electric bill! Thank you as well to our loyalty E-Billing customers who previously signed up for E-Billing prior to the contest and were also eligible to win a $100 credit on their electric bill in our Loyalty Draw.  

The complete list of winners is below.

Even though this contest has concluded, it’s always a good time to sign up for E-Billing! It’s free, secure and convenient. Switch over to paperless billing and help us save the environment.  Go Green...Go Paperless!

Stay tuned and watch for another E-Billing contest to come in the near future!


Monthly Winners:

Cheryl Vanditelli

Fred Siebert

Lilli Holbrook

Dustin Ballinger

Bradley George Mitchell

Brenda Lynn Kearns

Simon Milavec

Anita Hardison

Simeonne Linnane

Jeffrey Biletchi

Manmohan Singh Sani

Jacqueline Thrower

John McQuarrie

Angelo Scifo

Valentin Vygovski

Brice Purdy

Nicoara Tims

Michelle McIntyre

Jennifer Porco

Terrence Freamo

James Davison

Paul Russell Herriott

Kip Gordon Grady

Noel Gozum

Philip Vanderveen

Janice Acton

Keith Murphy

Patricia Weir

1338216 Ontario Ltd

Melanie Michaud


Loyalty Winners:

Teri-Lyn Giesbrecht

Ernest Fracchioni

Peter Robert Gunn

Barbara Hitsman

Dan Backus

Jo Ann Poulsen

Hemmo Oosterveen

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