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Jan 29, 2021 09:43AM

With more than 3,200 circuit-kilometres of power lines across our service territory, line maintenance is a top priority.

Niagara Peninsula Energy’s vegetation management, or tree trimming, executes a preventative maintenance program scheduled on a 5- year cycle.

“The objective is to maintain clearance between tree limbs and the overhead equipment that is located on the public road allowance and easements.  When trees are close enough to potentially contact overhead power lines, public safety and the uninterrupted supply of electricity can be compromised. NPEI has a responsibility to ensure its electricity distribution system is safe and that it operates reliably. We must also ensure that our equipment can withstand extreme weather events such as high winds and heavy snowfall and ice.” states our Senior Vice President of Asset Management, Shanon Wilson. The practice of routine tree trimming contributes to safety and improves system reliability.

At Niagara Peninsula Energy, vegetation management is executed by third party arborists with specialized training in working near energized power lines. Using their specialized knowledge of growth rates of various vegetation, arborists may trim back more growth in specific areas to account for the different growth rates.  NPEI service territory is divided into nine zones for vegetation management.  Each of the nine zones are completed within the 5-year cycle. 

Additionally, NPEI completes preventative maintenance initiatives, including tree-trimming, during the implementation of capital build/rebuild projects as well as, a substantial amount of reactive maintenance is performed in response to requests from the public to trim or remove trees in proximity to power lines.

To learn more about tree trimming around power lines, please explore the available resources on NPEI’s website.