Mar 04, 2018 07:17PM

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI) has responded to a call for assistance from Central Hudson Gas & Electric in Poughkeepsie, New York and is sending crews to help restore power in the wake of the brutal northeastern storm that hammered the United States and parts of Atlantic Canada last week.

According to the Central Hudson Gas & Electric outage map, they currently have over 800 active outages affecting more than 30,000 customers.

Shanon Wilson, Senior Vice President of Asset Management at NPEI says “Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. has mobilized 11 power line and support staff workers to help with the restoration effort.”

The state of New York reached out to the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) in Ontario on Saturday extending their Utility Mutual Assistance Agreement to EDA members that may be able to assist. NPEI has responded and offered to provide assistance during this major power outage, with all costs covered by the utilities receiving help, stated President & CEO Brian Wilkie.

For more information contact Sue Forcier, Director of Communications, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. at or 905-651-2930