As in previous years, the NPEI 2017 Capital Budget will continue to follow a format, focused on Projects driven from established Programs to prioritize NPEI resources in an efficient and beneficial manor to our Customers. These cyclic programs drive Rebuild/Reinforcement/Voltage Conversion Construction as a result of, Pole Testing & Inspections, Pad-mounted Equipment Inspections, Sub-station Maintenance & Inspections, Manhole & Sidewalk Vault Inspections, Kiosk Inspections, Minor System Betterments, Subdivision Connections, and Demand Based System Expansions for Commercial Development.

  1. Expansions and Reinforcement of the N.P.E.I. 13.8 K.V. / 27.6 K.V. Primary Distribution System to accommodate load growth & reliability requirements.
    • Dorchester Road—McLeod Road to Dunn Street Investment Category SR

      Completion of the mainly overhead work that was started in 2016. Rebuild Project targeting 1.0 km of urban distribution line installed in 1955, including 26 pole changes, new three phase (1.0km) primary and secondary (1.0km) circuits, 5-1ph & 3-3ph distribution transformer replacements resulting in upgraded supply to about 74 residential and 7 commercial customers directly. System benefits include replacement of aging equipment, future source for voltage conversions opportunities in the immediate area, improved equipment clearance and increased customer reliability and capacity increase.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0001
    • Oakwood Drive--Pole #111-25 to Pole #98-7 Investment Category SS

      Project scope involves replacement of 1.5 KM. of a urban overhead primary distribution line, with an overhead 15 KV 600 amp class main 3-phase line in the same alignment as the existing. Installation of 25-new 50' wood poles, 7-Single Phase, 2-Three Phase transformers, transfer 3-three phase & 1-Single Phase Underground Primary Risers, and transfer 24-existing Residential triplex services. Since the original install this section of line has changed function from a radial feed, and has been incorporated into a tie between 2-Transformer Stations, without re-conductoring to facilitate the ampacity increase. System benefits include the replacement of aging equipment originally installed in 1970, system loss reduction, improved reliability, and capacity increase.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2016-0002
    • Pad-mounted Switchgear Replacements Investment Category SR

      The Underground Equipment Inspection Program has identified a requirement for replacement of air insulated pad-mounted switchgear units, with dead-front stainless steel enclosure SF-6 Gas Insulated Equipment, due to corrosion and contamination issues, which will continue at a rate of 3-Units per year. Project scope involves the installation of applicable civil works such as manholes and duct-banks associated with the equipment replacement to current standards, using equipment constructed of Stainless Steel to avoid corrosion issues. Increased system reliability, Public & Personnel safety, and functionality are benefits of the program.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0006
    • Station #14--Voltage Conversion Phase I Investment Category SR

      Rebuild Project which targets 1.20 kilometers of urban distribution line installed in 1956, including 34 pole changes, new three-phase (1.2KM) & secondary (1.2KM) circuits, 8-single & 2-Three phase distribution transformer replacements resulting in the upgraded supply to about 86 residential & 2-commercial customers directly, in the area bounded by Dunn St from Dorchester Rd to Drummond Road. System benefits include reconstruction to eliminate Municipal Sub-station Stn. #14 constructed in 1956, targeted for decommissioning, replacement of aging equipment, immediate voltage conversions opportunities for approx 800KVA of connected load, improved equipment clearance, and increased Customer reliability.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0007
    • Brown Road Extension--Montrose to Blackburn Investment Category SS

      Project scope involves extension of 1.2 KM. of a urban overhead primary distribution line, overbuilt on a wooden pole line built by Bell Canada in 2008 at which time NPEI had Bell install 13-poles with additional height from 35' to 45' . The framing & stringing of this section of line will be incorporated into a tie between 2-previous line builds to service a new low lift pumping station and an Industrial Subdivision owned by the City of Niagara Falls. System benefits include improved reliability, inter-tie capabilities between the K-M-6 & K-M-2 Feeders sourced from the Kalar M.T.S and the 3-M-30 from Murray T.S.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0008
    • Subdivision Rehabilitation Allowance. Investment Category SS

      Establishment of this Capital Program provides a solution, to a problem identified during the last Asset Condition Assessment, for replacement of directly buried primary & secondary conductors supplying residential services within the oldest Underground Distribution Residential Subdivisions within the Niagara Falls Service Territory. The original installations were duct-less, making replacement difficult and costly. To extend lifecycles of the infrastructure NPEI recently completed a Program to replace the Submersible Transformers with Pad-mount Transformers. The program began in 1994 with approx 400 units converted. Sections of primary cable within the submersible enclosure, damaged by poor heat dissipation were spliced out and re-terminated, preventing failure. The cable was manufactured to a 133% insulation level, prolonging the life cycle, however, without a base value to compare the results of any cable testing, it is difficult to determine degradation since its installation. Expected lifespan of the cable is 35 years. To correct a noted deficiency in last Asset Assessment NPEI has entered installation dates, within the GIS, from as-built drawings, to help in prioritizing future replacement. The program would facilitate the installation, by directional boring methods, of a 4" & 3" HDPE conduit on the side of the road where primary and secondary co-exist, and a 4" HDPE conduit where only secondary is installed between all pad-mount foundations. Existing Cable would be "run to failure", at which time new cable would be installed under the Sustainment Budget . The first subdivision targeted was installed in 1967.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0009
    • Additional Sectionalizing Switches—8-Units Investment Category SR

      A review of existing feeder configurations, sourced by Stanley, Murray, Beamsville & Niagara West Transformer Stations , Kalar M.T.S. and Vineland D.S., utilizing system optimization software, has identified a need for additional pole mounted ganged load break switches within the system, minimizing system losses, providing improved contingency options during outage events, providing a means to minimize the area affected. The program will target the installation of 8 additional units.

      -- Combined Service Area Project #2016-0010
    • Victoria Avenue Fly Rd South Ext Ph I. Investment Category SS

      The Project Scope involves the overbuild of an existing 3-phase 8.2 KV primary line on Victoria Ave in place, and constructed with a 3-phase 27.6KV top circuit for approx 2.0 KM. Construction involves the installation of 32-new 45’ poles, transfer of existing primary cable, and installation of 2.0KM of new 556MCM Primary and Neutral conductor from Fly Rd South to Seventh Ave. The Project is being initiated to provide a 27.6KV tie to town of Jordan Station Benefits include improved supply reliability and flexibility on the system during contingencies & system configuration by tying the F-1 Feeder from Vineland D.S to the M-5 Feeder from NWMTS.

      -- PW Service Area Project #2017-0012
    • 1-Phase Hydraulic Reclosure Upgrades—10-Units Investment Category SS

      Approaching end of life cycles, and relating to the 5-year Wi-Max deployment plan, a requirement has been identified, for the replacement of 10-existing pole mounted hydraulic reclosures. There are approximately 90 oil filled units in service on the system. New units are solid dielectric, electronically controlled equipment, with interrogation/communication capabilities, providing Control Operators with real-time status during outage events, enabling information gathering for restoration planning. The solid dielectric insulation eliminates the oil used in the older units, making them less of an environmental concern.

      -- PW Service Area Project #2017-0013
    • Wi-Max Smart Grid/Communication Network- Investment Category SS

      Per the requirements of the Green Energy Act & the Electricity Act NPEI has embarked on establishing a licensed 1.8 MHz Wi-Max Communication Network. A Pilot Project is currently underway within the Lincoln/West Lincoln service territory, a large area rural distribution network with limited communication options. NPEI intends to have interrogation capability of its rural Municipal Stations, and Reclosures with future remote operational control of devices, for efficient outage response & restoration. This involves the installation of D.C. back-up power systems at the Stations, the wireless communication system which includes towers and base stations, and the upgrade of electro-mechanical switches and reclosures with communication enabled electronic devices. Future applications may include video surveillance of remote stations for theft reduction and Public Safety concerns, smart fault indicator installations, and smart meter data transmission. Phase III of the Project entails the replacement of the existing Communications Tower at the N.F. Service Centre with a new unit which is 25% taller than the existing to allow for future System Expansion.

      --NF &PW Service Area —Project #2017-0014
    • Jordan Road—Voltage Conversion Ph IV Investment Category SR

      The Project Scope involves the last stage of rebuild of existing 3-phase 8320Volt primary line, in place, constructed to 27.6KV standards for approx 2.0 KM involving the installation of 34-new 45’ poles on Honsberger Rd from Jordan Rd to Thirteenth St., transfer of existing primary conductors, and installation of 2.0km of new neutral. The project was driven by the pole inspection program which has identified a high number of deteriorated cross arms supporting the primary conductors. Benefits include elimination of the identified hazard, improved equipment clearance, and conversion to 27.6KV of the feeders supplied by Jordan M.S. for its de-commissioning.

      -- PW Service Area Project #2016-0015
    • Downtown Core PILCDSTA De-Commissioning Investment Category SS

      Completion of the mainly overhead work that was carried over from 2016. NPEI has targeted lead jacketed primary cable for removal from service due to age ( installed in 1959), performance and difficulty of performing repairs. The last section in service is located between Station #151 on River Rd and the City Hall Sub-Station located on Huron St.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0017
    • Dorchester Road-- Mountain Road Riall Street Investment Category SS

      Project scope involves the replacement of 1.0 KM. of urban overhead 13.8 KV primary line installed in 1952 with 20-new 45’ wood poles, constructed in the same alignment as the existing pole line, install of 200m of concrete encased duct-bank under a major Transmission Corridor due to clearance issues with the transmission line to an overhead line. Replacement of the undersized primary conductor with 556 MCM for increased ampacity of the circuit during contingency situations, 4-single phase transformers to replace existing, install 0.6KM of secondary buss, and transfer of 40 services to the new buss. Benefits include improved system losses, improved equipment clearances, reinforcement & capacity increase of the supply in the area.

      --NF Service Area—Project #2017-0018
    • Lightning Mitigation Measures- Investment Category SS

      The continuation of an established sustainment Program, the project scope involves the installation of additional lightning mitigation equipment throughout the distribution system within the Western Service Territory to correct deficiencies identified through recent storm related equipment failure events. Benefits include improved reliability indices, reduction in the amount of equipment damaged during storm events, improved outage restoration times.

      -- PW Service Area —Project #2017-0019
    • Chippawa Redundant Supply Upgrades Ph I Investment Category SS

      Phase I of the two part Project scope involves rebuild/reinforcement of 1.4 KM. of a existing rural overhead primary distribution line, on Stanley Ave from Lyons Creek Rd to Rexinger Rd, Rexinger Road from Stanley Ave to Ort Rd--Ort Rd from Rexinger Rd to Willick Rd, incorporating 12-new pole installs and salvaging poles upgraded by the Pole Replacement Program. NPEI will re-conductor the existing 1/0 Aluminum Primary with 556 MCM Aluminum for the required capacity increase. This Project will enable NPEI to target the removal of a sub-standard aerial primary Welland River Crossing feeding into the Village of Chippawa. System benefits include improved reliability, inter-tie capabilities between the 3-M-27 & 3-M-56 Feeders sourced from the Murray T.S.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0022
    • Heartland Road Extension--Brown Rd to Chippawa Creek Rd Investment Category SS

      Project scope involves extension of 0.4 KM. of a urban overhead primary distribution line, including the installation of 8 new 45' poles, framing & stringing of 556 MCM primary conductor to tie between 2-previous line builds to service a new low lift pumping station and a Regional Bio-Solids Treatment facility. System benefits include improved reliability, inter-tie capabilities between the K-M-6 & K-M-2 Feeders sourced from the Kalar M.T.S and the 3-M-30 from Murray T.S.

      -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0023
    • Station Street D.S. Transformer Replacement Investment Category SR

      Project scope involves removal, transportation, and replacement of the 5000 KVA Power Transformer located at the Distribution Sub-Station. Under previous refurbishments the switchgear line-up and supply cables were upgraded, and the compound is equipped with an oil containment structure. The Station is one of two stations supplying the Town of Fonthill at 4.16KV without provisions for voltage conversion, due to Hydro One controlled supply points. The Station Transformer was manufactured in 1969.

      --PWService Area—Project #2017-0024
    • Kalar T.S.Protective Relaying Upgrades Investment Category SS

      Project scope involves Upgrade of Protective Relaying/Communication Equipment in conjunction with upgrades which are currently underway by Hydro One at the Allanburg facility.

      -- NFService Area—Project #2017-0025
  2. Line Relocations due to Municipal Road Improvement requirements. Category SA

    An allowance is maintained for the relocation/construction of distribution facilities to resolve conflicts with planned road works by such Governmental Agencies as the M.T.O., Regional Municipality of Niagara and the various Municipal Agencies within the Service territory. Additions and reinforcement to the distribution system resulting from new construction requests fall under this budget. Tracking is accomplished with individual Project Numbers assigned to the various projects as required within the Corporate Accounting System.

    -- Combined Service Area
  3. Replacement of Poles identified with limited Structural Integrity. Category SR

    The natural degradation of wooden utility poles is an ongoing issue. Per the Distribution System Code, NPEI performs a site visit of every distribution pole on the System every 5-years, with a total population of 37813. The pole is tested for its integrity, a visual inspection is performed of the equipment installed on the pole by qualified Linesmen, the pole is photographed, guy guards are installed & down grounds are repaired/replaced as required, and test results are stored within the Corporate Geographic Information System. An evaluation of the results are performed, with deficiencies addressed by the replacement of subject poles, in a timely manner, through this Capital Program. In the Niagara Area pole replacements are beginning to level off as cycles begin to repeat, with a structured treatment program implemented during the testing cycle to increase the poles life cycle. The 2016 Niagara test area is bounded in the West by the Welland City Limits, South to the Fort Erie City Limits, East to the Niagara River, and North to the Welland River. and includes 2500 poles total. The Western Service Territory test area is bounded by Regional Road #20/#27 to the west, north to Fly Road, East to Victoria Avenue, south to the Boundary line at East Chippawa Road. and includes 4000 poles. The average cost per pole change is approximately $ 5,000.

    -- Combined Service Area --Project #2017-1010/2010
  4. Overhead line rebuilds of facilities identified by the Pole Inspection Survey. Category SR

    This Capital Program targets overhead distribution facilities identified at end of life, determined from results of the Pole Testing Program. Existing overhead distribution equipment at these locations, are replaced with new overhead facilities incorporating new poles, conductors and transformers to maximize efficiency, reliability and the ability for conversion to a higher distribution voltage as warranted. For 2017 this program targets the first phase of a 3-year program to eliminate station #14 starting with the rebuild and conversion of Dunn Street between Drummond Road and Dorchester Road.

  5. Replacement of Kiosks with Transformers, EFD & Posi-tect Switches Category SR

    Prior to the advent of pad-mounted Transformer & Switchgear Equipment, supplying loads larger than could be supplied by pole mounted equipment, or areas serviced from underground primary distribution systems, lead to the development of ground mounted masonry enclosures housing high voltage transformation, switching & protection apparatus, and secondary distribution equipment, known as the Kiosk. These block structures were meant to provide Public Safety but over time, the structures deteriorate and warrant replacement. These are prioritized utilizing the results of a 5-year Conditional Assessment Survey last completed in 2013.This Capital Program is an integral part of the remediation of underground distribution systems, increasing longevity and reliability within the area serviced. As these legacy components are replaced, safety, reliability and service quality are significantly improved. In 1994 the kiosk replacement program was initiated with 725 locations identified. 49-Units remain on the 15KV System, and 56-Units remain on the 5KV System. For 2017 the plan is to replace 10 to 15 units.

    -- NF Service Area Project #2017-0020
  6. System Sustainment Allowance. Investment Category SS

    This Capital Program manages an allowance for minor projects initiated by unexpected failures/deficiencies of overhead and underground distribution facilities. Replacement of underground cable experiencing repeated failures, is a major contributor covered by this allowance. Minor overhead system modifications and component replacements are also accounted for.

    -- Combined Service Area-- Project #2017-1007/2007
  7. Subdivisions and New Residential Services Investment Category SA

    Lot servicing of existing Connection and energizing of new subs.

  8. Demand Based System Reinforcements for New Commercial Service Connections. Investment Category SA

    This Capital Program manages an allowance for the construction/upgrade of distribution equipment to facilitate system access connections of new commercial developments. Expansions and reinforcement to the distribution system resulting from these new customer connection requirements fall under this budget allowance.

    -– Combined Area-- Project #2017-1008/2008