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This is the electricity that you use and is passed through by Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. It appears on the bill as Tiers if on Regulated Price Plan, Retailer line item if you signed a Retailer Contract for a set term, or Market Price (Ontario Hourly price) if you elect market price or are a General Service >50kW commercial account.

Regulated Price Plan Tier 1/Tier 2/ Time-Of-Use:

If you are on the Regulated Price Plan the consumption threshold for Residential customers will change twice a year (based on loss adjusted kWh). Prices per kWh are determined by the Ontario Energy Board. Prices are based on a forecast of future electricity prices and the Global Adjustment.


If you are on a Retailer Contract, a Retailer line item will appear on your bill.

Market Price:

If on Market Price (Ontario Hourly Price), the consumption and rate will appear on your bill.

Global Adjustment:

The Global Adjustment provides both adequate energy supply and green energy for Ontario. It accounts for differences between the market price and the rates paid to regulated and contracted generators and for conservation and demand management programs. As a result, its value may be positive or negative, depending on the fluctuation of prices in the spot market. The Global Adjustment is calculated monthly by the independent Electricity System Operator. For more information on the Global Adjustment or to view historical prices, visit the IESO (

Delivery Charge:

This charge, approved by the Ontario Energy Board includes: Distribution Costs (monthly service charge and distribution volumetric charges) which represent the cost to deliver electricity to your home or business; Transmission Costs (retail transmission network and retail transmission connection) which represent the costs to deliver electricity from generating stations to Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. along a high-voltage transmission system (called the transmission grid.)

Monthly Service Charge:

A flat rate that Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. charges to provide service to your location.

Volumetric Distribution Charge (kWh/kW):

This is a variable rate charge by Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. that is based on the amount of electricity you consume (based on actual kWh/kW).

Retail Transmission Network Services (kWh/kW):

A regulated charge for the operation of the network of high voltage transmission lines across Ontario (based on loss adjusted kWh).

Retail Transmission Connection (kWh/kW):

A regulated charge for the connection to the high voltage network which transmits electricity to Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (based on loss adjusted kWh).

Regulatory Charge:

The costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid and includes the costs associated with funding Ministry Of Energy and infrastructure conservation and renewable energy programs. Costs include wholesale market service and standard supply service charge.

Wholesale Market Services (kWh):

A regulated charge that Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. must pay to the Independent Electricity SystemOperator (IESO), based on loss adjusted kWh.

Standard Supply Service Charge:

This is a small flat monthly fee for customers on Standard Supply Service to cover the utility's Administrative costs to provide electricity bills to consumers.

Actual kWh:

The actual amount of electricity you consumed. It is measured by your meter in kWh.

Loss Adjusted kWh:

Reflects the losses that occur naturally to the entire electrical system. It is calculated by multiplying your actual kWh metered consumption by an OEB approved loss factor.