Distributed Energy Resources (DER) include solar panels, combined heat and power plants, energy storage facilities, and natural gas-fuelled generators. 

Our Engineering Department assesses and approves the connection of all DER connections to our distribution system. 

  1.       Preliminary Application:

The first step is to complete and submit the form found here. NPEI will respond to this request and provide you with the connection details for the proposed project and outline the available capacity.

  1.       Micro DER Application:

After the preliminary consultation, complete and submit the form found here.

  1.       Engineering Technician Site Visit:

NPEI will review the application and, once it is accepted, an Engineering Technician will visit the proposed installation site to gather information to put together the Offer to Connect.

  1.       Net Meter Connection Agreement and Offer to Connect:

NPEI will issue a Connection Agreement and Offer to Connect which outlines the requirements and NPEI costs to connect the generator. If you decide to proceed with the project, you will be required to pay the connection fees detailed in the Offer to Connect.

  1.       Design & Build

Once the micro generation facility has been built according to our requirements, you will need to apply to the Electrical Safety Authority for an electrical inspection.

  1.       Commissioning/Witness Test

After the Electrical Safety Authority provides us with the electrical inspection "Connection Authorization", we will schedule a site visit to perform a witness test on the generator protections.

  1.       Final Connect

After a successful witness test, NPEI will schedule a meter change to install the new bi-directional meter. NPEI will also do the necessary work to ensure billing arrangements are setup based on the project type.