Extension Cord Safety Tips
June 22, 2022 BACK TO NEWS

Extension cords are common and convenient for getting power to those hard to reach places like your back yard. Using the wrong extension cord can pose electrical safety risks as well as potential fire hazards. Ensure you are always using the right cord, at the right place for the right use.

  •  Use outdoor rated extension cords for outdoor use.
  •  Check extension cords over for any damage to prevent potential shocks, electrocution or fire.
  •  Plug your extension cords into electrical outlets that meet the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements and have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).

Extension cords are not meant as a long-term power source. If you need ongoing power, hire a licenced electrical contractor to have permanent outdoor wiring and outlets installed. 

Electrical Safety Authority Hiring a Licenced Electrical Contactor information.