Fall Energy Saving Tips
September 23, 2020 BACK TO NEWS

It's officially fall! Now that the cooler weather is rolling in and the days are getting shorter, it's time to start preparing your house for winter. Here are some great energy-saving tips for around the house to make sure your house is operating as efficiently as possible.

  •          Change your furnace filter to ensure your unit is operating efficiently
  •          Install a programmable thermostat and automatically lower the temperature at night
  •          Clear your furnace vents to allow for proper air flow
  •          Seal cracks, leaks and drafts with weather-stripping to keep the cool air out of your house
  •          Change your lightbulbs to energy-efficient LEDs as the daylight hours shrink
  •          Turn off those patio lights that you aren’t using anymore
  •          Remove your window air-conditioning units for the winter
  •          Keep window curtains and shades open to let the sunlight in
  •          Reverse the spin of your ceiling fan to start to push warm air down
  •          Consider adding insulation to your home to keep the heat in this winter
  •          If your old furnace is on its way out, replace it with an energy-efficient model