Generator Safety Tips
June 30, 2022 BACK TO NEWS

An alternative power source that many people use are portable or standby generators. If not used properly or connected improperly these can pose safety hazards:

  •  Electrical shock
  •  Fire hazards
  •  Carbon monoxide hazards if used inside, including the garage

If you are considering buying a portable or standby generator:

  • Understand your electricity requirements to ensure you have the right size and voltage for what you are intending to use the generator for
  • Purchase appropriate generator access such as a properly sized connector cord and plugs as well as an approved transfer device or switch
  • Standby generators are permanently installed into your electrical wiring and must have a transfer devise.  This protects your home as well as the utility system and utility workers by preventing generator power form flowing back into the utility system.

Maintain any equipment that you do have installed and make sure youhire qualified licenced electrical contractors only. Hiring a Licenced Electrical Contactor

Watch the Electrical Safety Authority's video Using Portable Generators Safely for important safety messages.