NPEI Emailing Customers to Participate in Electrical Safety Awareness Survey
February 17, 2022 BACK TO NEWS

Please be advised that NPEI will be emailing customers and inviting them to participate in our Electrical Safety Awareness Survey. If you do receive an email inviting you to participate in this survey, please be advised that this is not a scam and is a legitimate email. This email will come from Please note that this survey will be available to complete until the end of the day on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. values the safety of our customers and seeks to educate and inform our customers how to remain safe while dealing with electricity. NPEI is now in the process of conducting our Electrical Safety Awareness Survey. This survey helps us to evaluate our efforts and advises where we could make improvements in informing the public about electrical safety.

The survey will be completed over the telephone as well as online.

We are asking customers to please be aware that they may receive a telephone call or an email asking that they participate in the survey. The survey will last approximately 10 minutes, and we would greatly appreciate your participation if you are contacted to complete the survey. If you receive a phone call to participate in the survey, the number that will be displayed will be 905-704-3669.

If you wish to complete the survey online, you may do so by clicking here. Why not gather with your children and complete the survey together as an opportunity to educate them about electrical safety!

Providing information on electrical safety is very important to us at NPEI. We encourage everyone to educate themselves and their children on the importance of electrical safety and the steps they can take to stay safe.

Thank you for your patience and your participation in this survey.