Updated Online Customer Portal is now Live!
February 13, 2020 BACK TO NEWS

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI) has now launched its new and improved online “MyAccount” customer portal, Customer Connect.

The new My Account is an updated and refreshed online portal that provides customers with more user-friendliness, improved functionality and more self-service options. Customers can view current and past bills, request services such as move-in and move-out, and manage their contact details all online. The new online portal also allows users to manage their electricity consumption by seeing usage-data, hour by hour, for any day.

The new portal keeps customer security and privacy as a top priority, with end-to-end encryption as well as user authentication and time-outs to ensure that only authorized users obtain access, which means both consumer and utility information remain protected and secure.

NPEI is proud to now be offering this new and improved version of My Account to customers. To access it, please follow the "Login to My Account" button at the top of the NPEI homepage.

Please note, the preferred web browsers for Customer Connect are Chrome, FireFox and Safari (for Apple products). Click Here to view more Frequently Asked Questions.