Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. is proud of the leadership it has shown among utilities in Ontario in the development and distribution of innovative programs to promote energy conservation and electricity safety to its customers.

In this section of our website you will find a wide variety of downloadable information about handling electricity safety around your home or business, and electricity safety tips.

Safety First!

Electricity, when not handled safely, can be fatal. Electricity always seeks a path to the ground, using a conductor. If you touch a live wire while you are grounded, your body will act as a conductor allowing the electricity to pass through you to the ground, giving you an electric shock. The strength of the shock and the extent of the injuries sustained varies. An electrical shock can burn, cut, cause internal bleeding, or kill. Practice safety first.

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Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc is committed to the safety of its employees, both in the office and in the field. We have developed an action plan for reaching our goal of zero lost-time injuries and illnesses. To learn more visit,

Outage Preparedness

Niagara Peninsula Energy is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity distribution services. Despite our best efforts, power outages and electrical emergencies can occur without warning. We encourage you to plan ahead and be prepared.

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Call Before You Dig!

Here is a short safety video to help remind everyone to Call Before You Dig.


Keep Away From Power Lines!

Here is a short safety video to help remind everyone to Keep Away From Power Lines.


3 to 6 Metres - Keep Your Distance From Overhead Powerlines


Electrical Equipment is Very Dangerous


Stay Away! 10 Metres or More From Downed Overheard Power Lines


Wires Down!


ESA Requirements

Any electrical service that requires a disconnection for the purpose of repairs, a panel change, or meter relocation, shall be initiated by calling our Customer Service Department to request a Service Spot Sheet. The Service Spot Sheet will detail the customer's responsibilities associated with the request.

All disconnected services will require an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection prior to the re-connection of the service by Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. The ESA ensures the electrical work performed follows the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Any work performed on the customer's side of the demarcation point, not involving Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc, is still subject to ESA inspection.

Refer to Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc Conditions of Service for further information.

ESA Telephone Number: 1-877-372-7233
The ESA website

Tree Trimming and Tree Planting

Before you tree plant or trim, be safe.  Use the following resources to ensure you are safe at home or work.

PDF on Safe Tree Planting Practices